Child Aid


The Child Aid program builds the capacity of 3,000 families and their communities to work towards the common goal of improving their children’s lives. The project is all-inclusive, and recognizes that in order to nurture children successfully, the entire community must be strengthened. Families are brought together to address a range of community development issues, including health, income, education, municipal development, environmental awareness, and greater opportunity for children.



The DAPP Child Aid program started in Malawi in 1995 in the district of Chiradzulu. Later it expanded to include the district of Lilongwe, where it today benefits 6,000 families in the Traditional Authority of Chimutu. Achievements so far: The participating communities have over the years increased their capacity and organized themselves to improve their lives by implementing various activities facilitated by the DAPP Child Aid Project.


Achievements include, but not limited to:

  • Operating 72 preschools
  • Establishment of numerous income generating projects such as mushroom production,
  • Dairy farming, goat keeping, vegetable gardens and by growing and providing the children with nutritious food
  • Providing adult literacy classes
  • Establishing vegetable gardens for farming families
  • Planting of trees for the protection of the environment
  • Formation of home based care and orphan care groups for people affected by the AIDS Epidemic.


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