Farmer's Clubs


Agriculture represent the most important sector of the economy of Malawi, as it employs about 80 percent of the workforce, contributes over 80 percent of foreign exchange earnings, accounts for 39 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) and contributes significantly to national and household food security.


Efforts of the Government of Malawi are focused on reducing poverty through various strategies, especially by increasing agricultural productivity and income levels of small scale farmers. In cooperation with development partners, the Government of Malawi has formulated the Agricultural Development Program (ADP) aimed at increasing agricultural productivity, improving food security, diversifying production to improve nutrition at household level - and increasing overall incomes of people in the rural areas.


The DAPP Farmers Club program works closely with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security in pursuing the objectives of its ADP. The Farmers Club Program The idea of the program is a nationwide mobilization of small scale farmers in a progressive production move towards prosperity. The structure of the program consists of 3,000 farmers organized into 60 Farmers Clubs – each comprising 50 farmers. The Farmers Club Programme uses the clubs as a platform to address the larger development issues that have inextricable effects on farming and food security in Malawi. Critical issues such as the negative impact of HIV/AIDS, malaria, and poor health, as well as the importance of improved hygiene and access to clean water sources are centrally integrated into the programme.


Achievements So far

  • 33,750 farmers have been enrolled in Farmers Club
  • 675 clubs have been formed
  • 3,375 club committee members have been trained in leadership, management, planning and as peer instructors
  • 1,200 demonstration fields have been established
  • 50,000+ lessons have been conducted mainly in the demonstration fields belonging to each of the clubs
  • 296,750 field visits have been conducted
  • 398 goats have been distributed as pass on loans
  • 1613 pigs have been distributed as pass on loans
  • 89% of the farmers are food secure
  • 69% of the farmers produce more than 8 different crops
  • 75% of the farmers are engaged either in processing or in selling to larger markets/buyers
  • 78% of the farmers are linked to micro-credit or other financial facilities



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