Total Control of the Epidemic (HIV/AIDS)


TCE program takes its departure based on the philosophy that "only people can liberate themselves" against the HIV/AIDS epidemic by taking control of their own lives, which calls for every individual to take a stand in controlling the spread of the virus by living according to ones HIV status. TCE sees every individual as an essential building block in collectively turning the tide against HIV/AIDS. The programme equips every person in the targeted area with the knowledge and tools to take control of HIV/AIDS in their own lives.

The model is systematic, cost-efficient, comprehensive, and easily scaled up. By drawing upon local participation, TCE ensures that each community becomes mobilized and organized in the fight against AIDS.


The programme builds upon a TCE area of 100,000 people. A total of 25 Field Officers from local communities are recruited and trained to conduct three-year, house-to-house campaigns. Each Field Officer has responsibility for (a Field of) 4,000 people. The Field Officer moves from house to house with the goal of guiding and counseling each individual towards getting in control of not spreading or not getting the virus - and how to live a healthy life and how to support each other in the families as well in the community at large.

An important element is mobilizing volunteers, called "Passionates" to be part of the activities during the project period and to continue them when TCE moves to the next area. The Passionates spearhead Positive Living Groups, Caregivers for Orphans and Vulnerable children, income generating programs, youth clubs and condom outlets. Field Officers incorporate community "Home-based Testing and Counseling" into their visits, which ensures that every individual develops his or her plans with a full awareness of their own HIV status while also combating stigma and discrimination.


The Field Officers also provides the link between the existing health services and the community thereby increasing the uptake for the health services such as Antenatal, PMTCT, TB, Family Planning, etc provided by the Ministry of Health and other partners. TCE is also mobilize the Passionates to run preschools with special care for children infected of affected by the virus.


Results After Initial 3 Years

TCE program was launched in Malawi in 2007 in Zomba and Blantyre districts with funding from United State Department of Agriculture through Planet Aid Inc. The TCE Program reached to a population of 426,399. The final project evaluation from 2007 to 2009 showed the following results in the TCE areas:

  • 426,399 house hold visited and registered
  • 279,012 people mobilized for HIV testing
  • 30,000 active TCE passionate
  • 3,329 volunteers trained to become lay-counselors
  • 401 youth clubs formed and operated
  • 27,820 pregnant women attended PMCT courses
  • 559 vegetable gardens established
  • 74 herb gardens established
  • 412 student teachers trained to become TCE passionates
  • 19,500 learners from different schools attended lessons on various topics concerning HIV/AIDS


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