Fundraising - Second Hand Clothes and Shoes



The second hand clothes and shoes component is a charitable project generating funds for DAPP Malawi’s programs.

The project makes positive contribution to the communities and the environment through the sale of used clothes thus directly and indirectly creating employment for many people who generate income through selling second hand clothes and shoes in order to support their families; send their children to school and build good houses.


A new two weeks cycle system was introduced in the retail shops this year, the two weeks cycle system whereby clothes and shoes are delivered to a retail shop and sold within two weeks. The new system ensures that the retail shops are strictly given new consignments according to their order list as indicated in their plans.

Employees in the project have engaged customers in a number of environmental awareness campaigns as their local actions towards a greener globe through tree planting.


In 2015, the project had 22 retail and 10 wholesale shops country wide employing more than 300 people and reaching approximately 950,000 customers.

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