DAPP Malawi responds to media stories

DAPP Malawi LogoDAPP Malawi is an independent organisation, directed by its Board of Trustees and guided by its constitution. DAPP Malawi undertakes vital humanitarian work in partnership with local communities in one of the poorest countries of the world.
Since its foundation in 1995, DAPP Malawi has over the past 21 years undertaken humanitarian work that has reached and affected the lives of nearly 3 million people in Malawi, working in a challenging and complex environment and helping to tackle multiple economic, social and health-related challenges.
DAPP Malawi works closely with long-standing and respected international and national partners and donors, and all of its operations are monitored and independently evaluated in conjunction with the requirements of those international partners and donors.
The use and application of all donor funds by DAPP Malawi follows budgets agreed with donors and aims at fulfilling the objectives of DAPP Malawi's humanitarian work. All funds are accounted for and independently audited.
DAPP Malawi pays salaries to its employees in accordance with their employment contracts and agreements with donors. DAPP Malawi does not, and has never, coerced any employee into disposing of their salary in any way other than the employees see fit. A number of DAPP Malawi's employees voluntarily contribute to a Joint Accounts Association, the proceeds of which are used for the benefit of the members of the Joint Accounts Association. All of these funds remain in Malawi.
At no time has donor funding ever been used for purposes other than those intended and agreed with donors. DAPP Malawi is confident about the robustness of its systems and procedures in place to effectively monitor and account for expenditure and DAPP Malawi's use of funds. As such, we intend to commission a review of all of DAPP Malawi's accounts for the last ten years to further demonstrate there is not, and has never been, any misuse of donor funds.
Many thousands of people rely on DAPP Malawi's humanitarian work, and the organisation is proud to have played a significant role in improving lives, tackling poverty and combating the spread of major diseases in Malawi such as HIV/AIDS.
For any media enquiries, please contact Nick Colwill on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / +442077591142

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