lisbethDAPP Malawi believes that poverty can be overcome through coordinated, communitywide approaches, which combine education, adult literacy, improved livelihoods, increased production, health, women empowerment and environment protection. In its first 20th year of implementing development programs in the four thematic areas of agriculture, education, community development and health, DAPP Malawi has stood shoulder to shoulder with the people of Malawi in securing that individuals and families set goals for themselves and make informed choices for their lives in reducing poverty especially in the rural areas.

What started as a clothes sale business to generate funds for the first Child Aid social project in Chikankeni, Chiradzulu District in 1995 has now grown with a work force of more than 900 dedicated employees who reach out to approximately one million people across Malawi. It is with profound gratitude that we salute the Government of Malawi, partners, employees and the many volunteers who continue to support DAPP Malawi projects tirelessly, and to the millions of Malawians we have worked with over the years in the projects, who have made each day an inspiration to do more.

As we in 2016 look at the 21 years gone by, looking at the present and casting our eyes into the future, there is still a great deal of work to be done and we look forward to the coming decades as we remain committed to continue fighting shoulder to shoulder with the poor.


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