• DAPP Malawi is in 2019 celebrating 24 years of active involvement in development work with communities through out the country

  • DAPP is implementing 17 projects within education, health, agriculture and community development in 25 district that span across the country's three regions

Dowa DNS student teachers cheer the sick on the mothers day

As one way of cerebrating Mother’s Day which falls on 15th October in Malawi, student teachers of DAPP Dowa Teachers Training College (TTC) visited Dzaleka Health Center for a cleaning action and to cheer the sick.

Organized by the student teachers, the action saw the premises seeped, floors were moped, windowpanes cleaned
“As a college, we realize the importance of promoting sanitation and hygiene more especially in the hospital because it is a place where people go to get cured and not to get infections” Said Diverson Machika, A Teacher Responsible for the group.

Cleaning window panes

Cleaning window panes

Distributing food packages to pregnant mothers

Distributing food packages to pregnant mothers

Caroline Naphulu, a Student Teacher, commended all mothers who plan well for the birth of their children by going to wait for the time of delivery at the hospital, for this is the only way of preventing complications that women face during giving birth.
The student teachers also gave packages containing sugar and soap to expectant mothers and new mothers in the maternity ward
Mrs. Chimphepo, one of the Workers at the Hospital, praised the student teachers for the gesture saying that it is good that students are helping in setting a good foundation for the children they will teach in future.

Through its four Teacher Training Colleges (TTC’s) of Amalika in Thyolo district, Chilangoma in Blantyre, Dowa in Dowa and Mzimba in Mzimba district, DAPP Malawi trains youth to become teachers who will make a difference in rural government primary schools.


Case Story – Eliza Adam

Eliza Adam is 86 years old. She comes from Nthulo village in Traditional Authority Ngolongoliwa, Thyolo district. One afternoon, standard 8 learners from Nthulo primary school paid here a visit. Led by their class teacher Mr George Mphanje, the learners had been prepared to visit the Gogo (old woman) to cheer her up, donated grocery items and assist her with the household chores.
George Mphanje is a Deputy Head teacher at Mphanje. He graduated from DAPP Chilagoma Teachers Training College.
He is a member of the DAPP graduated teachers network that voluntarily stick together to share ideas and experiences on how to improve the environments around their schools known as 400 Primary Schools.
He said supporting the elderly in the communities they live in together with the learners is one way of grooming the young generation to grow up into responsible citizens.

George playing with Gogo Eliza

George playing with Gogo Eliza

Learners from Nthulo visit Gogo Eliza

Learners from Nthulo visit Gogo Eliza

“When we contribute money as a class and buy items for people in need we are learning that it is everyone’s responsibility to support the needy regardless of whether we are related to them or not,” said one of the learners.
For the second time, George led his class to Gogo Eliza’s house where the learners went to cheer her up and assisted with household chores.
The learners swept the compound, fetched water from the borehole and prepared food for Gogo Eliza.
All cheered up, Gogo Eliza said the gesture is priceless and she encouraged the learners and their teacher to continue being supportive saying this is what makes responsible citizens.
George Mphanje said supporting the needy is one of the thing he learnt while studying with DAPP TTCs. During one of the learning periods called fighting shoulder to shoulder with the poor, they are required to support people in their localities when a need arises and this is just one of the gestures at the same time using materials they can find locally.

DAPP Malawi participated in the International Youth Day commemorations that took place on 25 October 2019 at Embangweni Primary School ground in Mzimba district. The commemorations had been organised by Mzimba district council to celebrate youth in and around the district.The event was commemorated under the theme “Youth and Education: The Role of Education in Social Economic and Behaviour Change”.Students undergoing a Cobbler and Shoe Making course offered by DAPP Mikolongwe Vocational School at DAPP Mzimba Teachers Training College displayed the shoes that they have been producing in fulfilment of their training. The celebrations were graced by the District Commissioner for Mzimba. Also in attendance was the District Youth Officer and the Traditional Authority Inkosi Mzukuzuku. International Youth Day is commemorated to raise awareness and draw attention to issues that affect the youth.

Upgrading life through tailoring learnt from DAPP

Owen showcasing facebook

Owen Mchocho is a Malawian born on 6th March 1994. He comes from Chinyama village in Mulanje district. Owen grew up in his home village and upon completion of his secondary school he enrolled with DAPP Malawi’s Mikolongwe Vocational School (MVS) for a 6 months tailoring course. 

Owen went straight into business and setup a shop in Chigumula Township in the commercial city of Blantyre soon after completion of the course. The shop was opened together with a fellow graduate from the institution, James Chagunda with the start-up tools supplied by DAPP. Owen’s colleague, James, went on to open a shop of his own after buying a sewing machine.

Owen made extensive savings from his business for about 6 months and bought 3 sewing machines on top of the one he already had. He now runs 2 shops, 1 in Chigumula Township and the other in Mulanje his home town. He rents out the other 2 sewing machines to tailors within Blantyre district at a fee. Owen has since employed 2 permanent tailors for his 2 shops. He also produces tomatoes and vegetables, the tailoring course had an Agricultural element of backyard gardening. Owen has hence diverse income paths from his garden, machine rentals as well as from his 2 shops. In his home town Mulanje, he does also offer lessons at a fee to those who would want to become tailors and fashion designers.
Owen says during normal months he has been making more than MK200, 000.00 (more than 240 Euros). This is a computation from the MK120, 000.00 a month (MK60, 000.00 per month for each machine rental or MK15, 000.00 per week) and an average of MK60, 000.00 for his 2 shops in Chigumula and Mulanje. “I earn more than MK200, 000.00 per month exclusive of gardening proceeds which I realize after harvesting normally at 2 to 3 months’ intervals,” Owen further narrated.

With knowledge gained from DAPP Mikolongwe Vocational School (MVS), Owen does not only support his family in everything but is also an employer of 2 community members. He also supports his 2 siblings with school fees while also paying his employees as well as shop rentals.


Case Story – Maggie Chizinga

Maggie Chizinga is a married young mother aged 26 with one child. She hails from Engalaweni village Traditional Authority Mbelwa in Mzimba district. Maggie was a tailoring student under the Satellite four months course offered to adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) at DAPP Mzimba Teachers Training College (TTC).

Before joining satellite course, she was living with her husband and relied on him as the sole provider of their home.
Because her husband relied on piece works that he got every once in a while, Maggie and her family were struggling. Maggie was thinking that she cannot do anything to help her family since she was hopeless. After joining the satellite course, Maggie is now happy since she is now able to buy food and basic needs. She is even supporting her husband in paying house rentals.

Start Up Tools Given To Graduated To Start A Business

Start Up Tools Given To Graduated To Start A Business

Graduates Learn How To Sew Various Items

Graduates Learn How To Sew Various Items

Maggie is doing her business of tailoring and has now diversified into other businesses of selling doughnuts and sweet beer. She is now happy and her life has changed.
“I am using the skills I learnt during the 4 months course at Mzimba TTC and they are benefiting me and my family greatly “ she said .
Her dream is to open a big tailoring shop in the near future and employ other girls who have no source of income.
Maggie is also a member of a village savings bank where she has so far saved MK190, 000.00 (228 Euros) of which she says she wants to buy two machines and open a shop.


The story of Mrs. Irene Davie

I am Ireen Davie, a 28 year old married woman, a mother and a tailor by profession and I come from Mbalame village in traditional authority Mkukula, Dowa district. After four months of training is various tailoring skills and knowledge, I graduated from DAPP Dowa Teachers Training College (TTC) In 2017 ready to face the world.

Teamwork through trio groups  is encouraged in the course

Teamwork through trio groups is encouraged in the course

Students learn to sew 8 different products

Students learn to sew 8 different products

I am proud to say that I am now an owner of my own sowing machine which I brought in December 2018 after saving the profits from the tailoring business as a trio (me and my other colleagues) group. As a trio, we make between Mk 10,000 –12,000 per day. Through this I have also managed to buy 3 goats and 1 pig.

Before enrolling into this course, I was a farmer. But now I am proud to say I am a DAPP graduated tailor. I thank my instructors for teaching me these skills that I am using now


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