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Case Story: Stella Mangasi - my dreams unfolding

On 18 October 2017 I arrived at Chimkwende primary school in Thunga zone, Thyolo district. I was nervous to go and face classroom full of learners, interact with fellow teachers and the community. I felt like giving up on the profession until I realized that I made it to the end of the week. 

With knowledge acquired from DAPP Amalika Teachers Training College, I managed to handle the learners, interacted with fellow teachers and community members. It reminded me of the time we travelled across countries as student teachers to learn during a study period known as Busing Our Continent which exposes students to people of different backgrounds, culture and beliefs.

A teacher delivering lessons in class

A teacher delivering lessons in class

A vegetable garden established at a Primary School

A vegetable garden established at a Primary School

While doing my teaching practices at Chinkwende, I worked with the teachers in a quest to reduce absenteeism at the school. It was agreed among the teachers to hold meetings with parents of children that were missing school to be sending their children to school and this was a strategy that worked not only for my class but the rest of the classes.
In trying to create a school that is child friendly and conducive for children, I and my fellow student teachers facilitated the establishment of a sanitation club that gave teachers roles of ensuring that the school premises are clean at all times which included having hand washing facilities.
Additionally, we introduced learners to garden farming and imparted them with skills and knowledge of vegetable farming. It is pleasing to see that most of the learners are now having vegetable in their homes. Such achievements have made me realise that indeed I am a teacher and my dream is becoming a reality.

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