• DAPP Malawi is in 2021 celebrating 26 years of active involvement in development work with communities through out the country

  • DAPP is implementing 17 projects within education, health, agriculture and community development in 25 district that span across the country's three regions

Outreach Activities around DAPP TTCs with Child Aid

The DAPP Teacher Training Colleges (TTC) has commenced implementation of a Child Aid model outreach activities around the three colleges of Chilangoma, Dowa and Mzimba in Blantyre, Dowa and Mzimba districts respectively.

The Child Aid project employs the idea that communities should work together in a structured way to come up with solutions to issues of mutual interested in order to create environments that are conducive for raising children.

Communities Will Work Together To Improve Their Lives

Communities Will Work Together To Improve Their Lives

Communities Will Work Together To Improve Their Lives

Communities Will Work Together To Improve Their Lives

The project is expected to work with families around the colleges to organize them into structures that will assist in improving their lives.
The implementation will further strengthen existing community structures that work with the TTCs like the environment and community action groups and together with the students they will impact the lives of the communities around the schools.

Having the project approved by the respective District councils, it will be in 82 villages, working together with the Village Development Committees, and Village Action Groups (VAG) and local leaders to ensure sustainability of the project.
The project will also support sanitation clubs in primary schools within in the catchment areas and with education and information about hygiene.
Markets around the catchment areas will also be involved through the Environmental and Trade departments to adhere to sanitary measures at the same time mainstreaming Covid-19 preventative measures.

Local leaders from the 82 villages have been sensitized of their roles in support of the project and 10 members from each village have been organized to form Village Action Groups (VAG).
VAG members are responsible for organising lessons and actions to share information about good practices to increase adoption of good sanitation and hygiene practices.

The project is expected to reach out to 6,750 households in the three TTCs totaling to 20,250 families.
The activities will be implemented for a period of 11 months running from February to December 2021.


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