• DAPP Malawi is in 2021 celebrating 26 years of active involvement in development work with communities through out the country

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400 Primary Schools Teachers in Production Camp

400 Primary Schools is a DAPP Malawi education program that allows teachers graduated from DAPP Teachers Training Colleges (TTCs) to stick together, meet regularly to share ideas and knowledge on how they can improve the environment around their schools as a network.
The program started in 2012 and currently it comprises of 78 teachers who are teaching in 69 rural primary schools.

Teachers producingteaching and learning materials

Teachers producingteaching and learning materials

Participants during the production cmp

Participants during the production cmp

Every three months, the teachers meet during what is called Production Camp to evaluate their achievements according to set plans, share experiences and develop future action plans.
From 9 to 13 April 2018, the teachers held the Production camp at Chilangoma TTC in Blantyre. Among others, they prepared for Standard 8 mock examinations; produced teaching and learning materials using locally available resources; mastered the use of classroom trios and trio tasking – arranging learners in groups of three; undertook training on production of firewood saving stoves.
The event was patronized by Maphunziro 265, a local organization that promotes girl child education. One of the organisation’s ambassadors Hodges Zacharia made a presentation on “Fighting Harmful Cultural Practices for the Sake of a Girl Child”. The topic is one of the areas the participating teachers focus on.
At the end of the 5-day camping, the teachers composed songs which they will be using to teach when they go back to their schools.

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