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DAPP Amalika orients partners about Waterloo Project

DAPP Amalika Teachers Training College (TTC) has been meeting with the District Education Manager (DEM) for Thyolo, Primary Education Advisors (PEAs), Head teachers and traditional leaders to brief them about student teachers from the college who are being sponsored by The Waterloo Foundation. Waterloo Foundation is an international organization that is sponsoring 26 student-teachers who are trained to teach in rural Malawi primary schools at DAPP Amalika TTC.
The student teachers, 16 female and 10 male, are currently doing teaching practices in 11 primary schools which are in four education zones namely Thunga, Mpinji, Mountview and Chisawani in Thyolo district. They are expected to carry out activities that will among others encourage young girls to remain in school.
The DEM Godfrey Kummbwese welcomed the development and he expressed gratitude for the efforts to that promote girls education. He commended the activities that the student teachers will carry out in the schools and pointed that students from DAPP are committed and dedicated towards supporting girls in primary schools. He said he is looking forward to visiting the schools where the 26 student-teachers are to ensure that the activities are indeed taking place.

Meeting With Traditional Leaders PTA Members And Mother Groups

Meeting With Traditional Leaders PTA Members And Mother Groups

Meeting With The DEM

Meeting With The DEM

Among activities that the student teachers will be spearheading are; maintenance of girls’ toilets and change rooms in 11 primary schools, installation of hand washing facilities, establishment of play grounds to improve the learning environments for lower class learners, garden farming in schools and conducting open days.
The PEAs, Head Teachers and local leaders were also informed about the Waterloo sponsored students and they were encouraged to work with them in their education zones, schools and communities.
The Waterloo Foundation aims to increase the enrolment of girls in primary schools, decrease the dropout rates and absenteeism through sponsoring student teachers that will carry out activities to support this goal. There are 64 student teachers from Amalika TTC that are currently doing teaching practices in different primary schools in Thyolo district.

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