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DAPP Student Teachers Students In Cleaning Action in Lilongwe

Students from DAPP Amalika TTC Cleaning Along Malangalanga Road As their journey continues touring the country, DAPP Amalika student teachers recently organized a cleaning action along the capital’s busiest street - Malangalanga road, the exercise was hailed by Lilongwe City Council which is struggling to maintain the city’s cleanliness due to a number of reasons.

Mr. Hastings Maulidi, Administrative Assistant in the Directorate of Commerce, Trade and Industry of Lilongwe City Council said in an interview that congestion of vendors in markets compared to manpower the city has and breakdown of vehicles that collect refuse in the city have been major the challenges that are preventing the council from ensuring that the city is clean.
He therefore welcomed the initiative by DAPP Amalika student teachers and thanked them for showing patriotism to their country.
“This is a lesson to us as a council. We will obviously sit-down and discuss the way forward how we can maintain the exercise among ourselves.” He promised and further assured that, “We will try as much as possible to maintain this cleanliness in the city.

Speaking during the exercise, Gomezgani Mhango one of the organizing committee members from Amalika said, “We want to make our surrounding clean, so that we can avoid some of the diseases that are caused by uncleanliness and just to make sure that our environment is clean, we thought it wise that we should have this action here after seeing the way it looks, people are just throwing waste everywhere.” Mhango added that it is duty of every citizen to make sure that he keeps the environment clean.

Mhango said they organized this exercise because as future teachers they believe that teaching is not only standing in classroom with a piece of chalk, but we have to teach the nation on other issues that can support the citizenry’s wellbeing and country’s development.

The study tour is expected to end on 30 May where students from DAPP Mzimba and Amalika TTCs will arrive at their respective colleges and share their experiences with fellow students, community members and other stakeholders.

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