• DAPP Malawi is in 2020 celebrating 25 years of active involvement in development work with communities through out the country

  • DAPP is implementing 17 projects within education, health, agriculture and community development in 25 district that span across the country's three regions

OFID partners with DAPP to train teachers

OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) in partnership with DAPP Malawi to educate teachersOPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) entered into a multi-regional partnership agreement with Humana People to People to train 164 new primary school teachers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guinea-Bissau, Malawi, and Mozambique. The teachers are being trained at the 17 existing teacher-training colleges located across the four countries.

The project in Malawi is aimed at expanding inclusive and equitable quality education through the training of  65 student teachers at three of the four DAPP TTCs. “In early 2016, my teammates and I traveled across Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe where we learnt a lot of new things during the 4 months study travel. The most striking moment during the travel was when we where in Ntcheu district and got the rare opportunity to interact with Senior Chief Kwataine who is championing safe motherhood. I was inspired by his passion and enthusiasm, this encounter has made me to be more aware of the issues that affect girls and women which include gender based violence, child marriages and illiteracy. I am now more involved in community activities which aim at raising awareness on these issues.

I feel that with the training and continuous engagement of communities in college activities, I am able to advocate for women and girls’ rights.”
William Matawale, OFID sponsored student at DAPP Amalika TTC.

“I have learnt how to use the computer as a tool for communicating, not only for communication with my lecturers but also the outside world.”
Mphatso Chimdima, OFID sponsored student at DAPP Dowa TTC.

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