• DAPP Malawi is in 2021 celebrating 26 years of active involvement in development work with communities through out the country

  • DAPP is implementing 17 projects within education, health, agriculture and community development in 25 district that span across the country's three regions

Some of the Children I taught are in Form Three!

Elizabeth Nkasa is a volunteering Care Giver at Chisomo Early Childhood Development Centre (ECDC) in Blantyre rural district. She has been helping at the ECDC since 2007 when the ECDC was being established. She comes from Kapotera village in Traditional Authority Kuntaja in Blantyre district. Together with three other volunteering Care Givers at the ECDC, their roles are to teach children between the ages of 4 and 6 who come from villages around the centre in readiness for primary schools. Elizabeth and her colleagues do receive in-service training from DAPP Chilangoma Teachers’ Training College. The in-service trainings equip care givers with knowledge and skills on how to deliver the lessons, lesson planning and enable experience sharing among care givers from different ECDCs.


Elizabeth counting the children at Chisomo ECDC

Elizabeth counting the children at Chisomo ECDC

Preparing poster for a lesson

Preparing poster for a lesson

There are 69 children that have been enrolled at Chisomo Early Childhood Development Centre.
This is good for them because there is a good transition from pre-schools to primary schools they easily adapt to the learning environments. Children that attend ECDC do perform well when they go to primary school. I am proud to be helping at this centre because we do this for our own community and children. One of the things I am particularly happy about is to see some of the children I taught are now in form three in secondary schools.

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