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Teachers told to enhance talular in schools

Malawi: Teahcers told to enhance talular in SchoolsTeachers from various primary schools in Machinga and Nsanje, have been urged to focus on teaching and learning using locally available Resources (TALULAR) in order to improve the quality of education in the southern districts of Malawi
Chilangoma Development Aid prom People to People (DAPP) Teachers Training Collage’s Deputy Principal, Martin Mitengo, said this at the opening of Talular making training, which targeted 78 teachers from Machinga and Nsanje districts, where they were imparted concrete knowledge on how to make and use Talular for use in primary schools.

 Speaking to teachers last Wednesday at the college, Martin Mitengo said teacher’s orientations on Talular production are essential to promoting good education standards in the country since learners are able to grasps the real subject matter.
“Through such trainings, they would help teachers to motivate learners to be in schools and entice those still in homes to enrol, with an intention to produce productive youths in the future,” he said.

  Machinga area leader, Kondwani Mbewe, commended organisers for the trainings, which will assist teachers to acquire tangible skills and knowledge and insist on making and using resources in the classroom situation.
“As the project targets learners from standard one to three, I ask fellow teachers to convince and guide learners in our respective institutions and make every child stay in school,” said Mbewe.
Bunnet Msasa, a participant from Ngokwe Teachers Education Zone, hailed the work that DAPP Malawi is doing  in the areas of education.
He urged the participants to show sympathy and love to the learners and make full use of Talular so that children can achieve their goals.
The two-weeklong workshop drew teachers from 39 schools in Machinga and Nsanje districts. In Machinga, it targeted teachers from Ngokwe, Chikweo, Ntaja and St Theresa Teachers Education Zones.

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