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Mafosha Primary School campaigns against cholera

Mafosha primary school is found in Chinkhwiri Zone Traditional Authority Chakhadza in Dowa district. This is one of the rural Malawi primary schools where DAPP graduated teachers are posted to work by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology after graduating as qualified teachers.
Stanley Kachidowo is a DAPP graduated teacher who works at Mafosha primary school. Besides being trained at DAPP he is also a member of a network DAPP graduated teacherswho voluntarily stick together to share knowledge and experiences on how they can improve the environments around their schools.
In 2018, the network of DAPP graduated teachers which is also known as 400 Primary School planned to hold open days in their the primary schools to sensitize learners and communities around the schools of the cholera outbreak that has affected some districts in Malawi.

Comedy Performance By Learners While Others Look On

Comedy Performance By Learners While Others Look On

Learners Perfroming A Dance During The Open Day

Learners Perfroming A Dance During The Open Day

Mafosha primary school held the open day on 9 February 2018 at the school and in attendance were representatives from World Vision, the school teachers, Senior Group Village Headmen, Village Heads, Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) members, Mother Group committee members and learners.
The campaign messages centred on how learners and the community can prevent cholera. The messages were conveyed through comedy, dramas, music, poems and storytelling prepared by the learners.
Senior Group Village Headman Mzongo emphasized that cholera is deadly and the people need to practice hygiene through hand washing before and after eating, avoiding open defecation and washing hands with soap after visiting the toilet.
On the other hand, Stanley Kachidowo outlined to the audience ways in which cholera can be contracted, the signs and symptoms and the preventative methods.

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