• DAPP Malawi is in 2019 celebrating 24 years of active involvement in development work with communities through out the country

  • DAPP is implementing 17 projects within education, health, agriculture and community development in 25 district that span across the country's three regions

ECD Centres and Caregivers Benefit from Clothes Donation

On 25 January 2019, DAPP Chilangoma Teachers Training College (TTC) carried out a clothes distributing exercise in Lemu, Kumanda and Gomonda villages which surround the college in Traditional Authority Kuntaja in Blantyre district.
The clothes had been received as a donation to the needy from the DAPP Second Hand Clothes and Shoes fundraising project.

Beneficiaries Of The Clothes Donation

Beneficiaries Of The Clothes Donation

Dolls Made From Second Hand Clothes For ECD Centres

Dolls Made From Second Hand Clothes For ECD Centres

The beneficiaries included Early Childhood Development (ECD) Caregivers who volunteer to teach preschool children in their villages.
The second hand clothes that need reusing were handed over to ECD centres around the college to use for production of teaching and learning materials like dolls.
DAPP TTCs work support ECD centres around its four colleges with the training of Caregivers on how they can handle learners.
Currently DAPP is supporting 85 ECD centres around its four TTCs of Chilangoma, Amalika Dowa and Mzimba in Blantyre, Thyolo, Dowa and Mzimba districts respectively.


DAPP Malawi donates secondhand clothes to Zomba Prison

On 22nd December 2017 DAPP Malawi donated second hand clothes worth MK555,000.00 to Zomba prison.
The donation was in response to a request made by Malawi Prison Service which asked DAPP to donate clothes to 285 prisoners who were to be released between 23rd November 2017 to 31st December 2017 following the presidential pardon and the Chilungamo project by European Union which requires that sentences should be revisited against the offence committed to decongest the prisons in Malawi.

Inmates Receive Packs Of Clothes

Inmates Receive Packs Of Clothes

Women Receiving Packs Of Clothes

Women Receiving Packs Of Clothes

In appreciation Superintendent Lawrence Matola the station officer for Zomba Prison said the donation came at the right time when the prison was about to release some prisoners. Supt Matola also said that the prison is also keeping some who have spent many years at the prison and the clothes they brought in is completely torn. Most of the prisoners when they are released they go home in rags which doesn’t portray a good picture and they found it difficult to be accepted by their community that they have been transformed.
DAPP Malawi accepted the request to donate clothes to Zomba prison so that the prisoners who are to be released should have something to put on. He also said that the outgoing prisoners need a "fresh" start in life so that they can sustain themselves and not end up coming back in the prison.
Out of 285 prisoners who received the donation 22 were female and they each received 6 pieces of clothes.

Recycling creates development

Recycling creates development


The objective of DAPP Malawi’s 2ndHand Clothes and Shoes sales is to contribute to economic development, make clothes and shoes available and raise the standard of living of especially the poor people. The objective of DAPP Malawi’s 2ndHand Clothes and Shoes sales is to contribute to economic development, make clothes and shoes available and raise the standard of living of especially the poor people.
Sales of good quality used and recycled clothing raises funds for development projects in Malawi while thus transforming items that had zero value for the previous owners to a considerable value for the new owners and for other people who are active in creating development.

The recycled clothing business has contributed significantly to the empowerment of the rural communities and improved the lives of the vulnerable and The Poor, the children and youth, women and men in the rural communities of Malawi.

By providing quality clothes and shoes from 34 sales outlets throughout Malawi, we continue to make a positive contribution to the communities by providing clothes and shoes at affordable prices.

Our efforts have, in Malawi, created employment for more than 250 direct personnel employed in our clothing processing, transporting and clothing selling shops. Moreover about 4.000 customers and their approximately 8.000 assistants are doing business in local markets across the country. Entrepreneurship has been triggered in the rural communities by making an important trade item available, making it possible to achieve an increase in trading and a more business environment in such communities.

The business model of clothing sales has contributed to the socio-economic development of the society through supporting small business ventures. Such ventures received a lot of support which was witnessed by some of our customers taking part in our capacity building initiatives. The initiatives were targeting empowering the customers into business minded micro-enterprising, managing their finance, use of basic systems which act as checks and balances, getting to know alternative ways to source funding to support their business liquidity among others. Such courses were made possible through guest facilitators from banks, micro finance institutions and seasoned entrepreneurs.  

Malawi---C-S-a-customer-with-a-bale-of-clothsDAPP Malawi has donated clothing to communities affected by natural disasters and other emergencies and occasionally to various groups and individuals rendering care and support to the most vulnerable.

On the social side, there has been a lot of awareness and community mobilization combined with the clothes sales to prevent our customers from becoming victims of HIV and AIDS or becoming able to better manage a life living with HIV. The knowledge about prevention HIV and AIDS and handling of the disease were communicated to the customers during customer-interactive days we call “open days”. Key emphasis is on the message of participating in voluntary HIV testing.

As DAPP Malawi we also see our chain of clothing retail shops and wholesale shops as an activism in the fight against global warming. Reuse of clothes reduces the carbon emission.

In the bigger picture, the main importance is to raise funding to aid our actions in community development.

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