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Development from People to People in Malawi (DAPP in Malawi) is a member of the Federation for Associations connected to the International HUMANA PEOPLE to PEOPLE Movement. In short: HUMANA PEOPLE TO PEOPLE.




The objective of DAPP in Malawi is to promote social and economic development. Through a variety of development models, DAPP complements the government’s effort in implementing the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy to achieve the nation’s Vision 2020. The people engaged in the development initiatives of DAPP are trained and equipped with tools and knowledge enabling them to transform their dreams and wishes for a better life into practical actions.




Presently, the DAPP projects are focused on four of the pressing development issues in Malawi: 



- Increasing access to inclusive quality education

- Improving food-security and economic growth among small holder farmers

- Improving children’s conditions

- Fighting HIV & AIDS, TB and Malnutrition. 




dapp projects

Dapp is in its 21styear of creating long-term development in the country. Since its inception in 1995, DAPP has built up a sound institutional capacity and an impressive track record with the people of Malawi.


The projects are carried out in close partnership with the National Government, local and district authorities and a range of national as well as international partners.


DAPP Malawi currently operates a total of­­­ 25 projectsacross the country, employs more than 1,000 staff and benefits more than one million people on a yearly basis. Among the projects are four Teacher Training Colleges (Amalika, Chilangoma, Dowa and Mzimba) with the total number of 1735 graduates. 274 Farmer Clubs which includes 19.250 members, a Child Aid project benefiting over 50,000 people, Total Control of TB and Nutrition programs  covering more than 1 million individuals - and a Vocational School with more than 8,000 youths trained at the schooland through out reach trainings.





To work with communities in Malawi by promoting social and economic development through programs related to health, education training, food security, fundraising and environment. DAPP upholds honesty, empathy, mutual respect and solidarity in all its activities and programs.


The above vision is based on the Solidarity Humanism to radiate actions aimed at creating favourable conditions for men and women, particularly the poorest, to actively participate in overcoming the current constraints regarding access to education, health and participation in the economy.


In its mission, DAPP Malawi has prioritized its activities in rural areas, where the majority of the population is concentrated and where the business base for developing the economy is located, thus reducing poverty to ensure food security for all as this achievement in the rural areas is essential for active and healthy lifestyles throughout the country.





On behalf of many Malawians who in one way or another are part of our projects, we wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to all our Partners and we look forward to a continued collaboration. Although this list is not exhaustive, we would like to acknowledge other partners who have played a role in various development projects implemented by DAPP.



Government of Malawi Multilateral Donors & Governments

Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security
Ministry of Water Development and Irrigation
Ministry of Youth and Sports
Ministry of Health
Ministry of Gender, Child and Social Welfare
Ministry of Lands and Housing
Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development
- Officials from Blantyre, Thyolo, Chiradzulu, Zomba,
Dowa, Mzimba, Karonga, Mulanje, Phalombe, Machinga,
Liwonde, Ntcheu, Balaka, Dedza, Chikhwawa, Nsanje,
Mwanza, Neno,
Department of Nutrition, HIV and AIDS
National AIDS Commission
National Youth Council of Malawi
Malawi Defence Force


Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Finland
United States Department of Agriculture
IFAD through RLEEP
Global Sanitation Foundation through PLAN Malawi
World Bank
Grassroots Fund via the Japanese Embassy
Beit Trust








Members from Humana People to People Local Organizations, Foundations, Trusts & Companies

Planet Aid Inc.
Humana Holland
Humana People to People, Italy
UFF Norway
UFF Finland
Stichting Humana
Humana Estonia
Humana Spain

Nchima Trust
Aquaid Life Line
Limbe Leaf Tobacco Company
Pannar Seed
Dossani Trust
Deekay Suppliers

The Soloptimist from Holland
Changa K. Transporters
Victory Children’s Home
Tithandizane Bursary
Joshua Orphan Care
Demeter Seed
Peak Events
Xerographics Limited
Emmanuel TTC
Galaxy Pharmaceutical and Surgical Ltd
Southern Bottlers
Chibuku Products Ltd
Universal Industries Ltd
S able Farming
Proto Feeds
Salvation Army
Baker’s Choice

































DAPP Malawi * P.O. Box 2732 Blantyre, Malawi * Baines Road, Ginnery Corner, Blantyre * email info@dapp-malawi.org